The Truman Show Set For TV

Paramount are set to air a TV series version of The Truman Show…

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 14 Review: Julius Caesar to the Rescue

On this episode of Nobunaga the Fool, two more Round Table members arrive on the Star of the West, and only Julius Caesar can save the day.

Nintencast 2: Smashes their way through the Super Smash Bros Direct

This week Martine, Tim, Coty, Patrick, and Adam go knee deep with all the latest news delivered by Masahiro Sakurai in the all Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct. They dig into the details, cover the latest reveals, talk about all their likes and dislikes, and start a turf war with the Microsoft section.

Kaiju Panic Preview at EGX Rezzed 2014

What could make tower defense games any better? How about an assortment of adorable, chibi monsters that just want to destroy the world? That’s precisely what Kaiju Panic has – keep reading to find out what one of our writers thought of the game at EGX Rezzed 2014.

Shadowrun Online Preview: First Impressions & Exclusive Q&A

Shadowrun Online is all about taking the cool single player experience that Harebrained Schemes laid out with Dragonfall and Shadowrun Returns and expanding that into the world of both co-operative and competitive multiplayer gaming. Leviathyn takes its first steps into the world of Shadowrun Online and sits down for an exclusive Q&A with the game’s executive producer.

Getting Hands-On With Space Engineers – A New 2014 Space Odyssey

In space, no one can hear your spaceship crash. This is definitely true for Space Engineers, the early access title available now on Steam. Have a look what one of our writers thought of the new space building and mining game.

4 Reasons Why Watch Dogs Could Be Great

Open worlds, a city under your control, extra layer of polish, and a possible connection to Assassin’s Creed. Here are four reasons why I’m excited about Watch Dogs.


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