Shadowgate Review: The Living Castle Returns

The developers of the original ’87 MacVenure and ’89 NES Adventure cult classics return with an impressive updated remake.

Chamber of Game: Shadowgate

Chris and Eric return to the titular living castle of Shadowgate in this new remake of the classic Adventure game.

Sword Art Online II Episode 7 Review: Ask Your Doctor

In the seventh episode of Sword Art Online II, Kirito reflects on the past and seeks advice regarding his actions.

Top 5 Modern RPG Games

Tiff counts down her top five RPG games from the last five years.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Review

In light of its sequel’s announcement the original version of this PSP RPG comes to the US with some major updates.

Nintencast Ep 11: Nintendo You So Crazy

The Nintencast discusses more Nintendo news and decides that Adam needs help, like now. He’s just dirty.

Region-Locking Isn’t as Simple As You Think

Everyone has their reasons against region-locking and Nintendo has its for it. The result is by no means fair, but perhaps no less valid.


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