Oscura: Lost Light Review


There have been quite a few platformers that make use of the visuals made popular by Limbo — shadowed foreground and muted backgrounds accentuated by lighting to exude a dream-like atmosphere. This new one developed by Chocolate Liberation Front and published by Surprise Attack Games keeps to that concept faithfully enough.

Wave Of Darkness – First Impressions


First impressions preview of Dreamatrix’s Kickstarter-funded single player PC RPG World Of Darkness.

10 Essential Games for Wii U to Spend those Extra Club Nintendo Coins on


With Club Nintendo on the way out, you may find your self scrambling to use up that backlog of coins you’ve earned from Club Nintendo. In this article I will point out 10 excellent choices to opt for as a starting point.

Is DayZ Worth Playing In Early Access?


I take a look at the current state of DayZ and tell you if Bohemia Interactive’s price is worth early access.

Pokemon: Gym Builder


Have you ever wondered what a game would be like that allowed you to take the role of Gym Leader? Well, this is my take on what such a game would be like and offer.

Top 10 – Songs featured in the EA Sports FIFA series


The EA Sports FIFA franchise has experienced many ups and downs during its long history, but one would argue that it is currently more popular than ever. The game has featured a huge variety of artists for over 15 years, and it is my intention to showcase the best and most important songs to feature in the series so far.

HD Remasters We Want To See


HD remasters of some of the best games of the older generations that we’d like to see.


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